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By M. A. K. Lodhi

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Wild, J. H. Landrum, and P. C. Stevenson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 39^, 385 (1977). R. J. Otto, D. J. Morrissey, D. Lee, A. Ghroiso, J. M. Nieschke, G. T. Seaborg, M. M. Fowler, and R. J. Silva, "A Search for Superheavy Elements With Half-Lives Between a Few Minutes and Several Hundred Days, Produced in the l+8Ca + 21+8Cm Reaction", LBL-6509, April, (1977). 21 V. E. Viola, Nucl. Phys. A139, 188 (1969). W. M. Howard and J. R. Nix, Nature, 247, 17 (1974). D. N. Schramm and W. A. Fowler, Nature 231, 103 (1971).

Keller (18) has estimated for element 114 an even lower AHsub of 10 kcal. 6 kcal). Pitzer has argued that eka-Hg and eka-Pb "will be gases or yery volatile liquids bound by dispersion (London) forces only". (12) His arguments are based upon the energies required to promote electron from the closed 7s^ and 7p2 shells to appropriate bonding orbitals. After 39 IIIA 5 IVA 6 c B 221 1s 2s 2p 13 IB 28 29 Ni IIB 30 Zn Cu 102 8 2 (Ar)3d10 4s 1 (Ar)3d 4s (Ar)3d 4s 46 Pd 10 47 48 101 (Kr)4d10 5s 2 (Kr)4d 5s° (Kr)4d 5s 78 79 Pt 14 Ö1 (Xe)4f 5d 6s 110 4 82 (Rn)5f1 6d 7s Cd Ag Au 14 1 1 (Xe)4f 5d <>6s 111 14 92 (Rn)5f 6d 7s 80 1 14 (Xe)4f 5d 06s2 112 14 1 02 (Rn)5f 6d 7s 21 15 o 224 1s 2s 2p 16 P 2 2 (Ne)3s23p3 (Ne)3s23p4 (Ne)3s 3p (Ne)3s 3p 31 32 34 33 Ga Ge As Se (Ar)3d 4s 4p (Ar)3d 4s 4p (Ar)3d 4s 4p (Ar)3d 4s 4p 10 21 10 22 50 49 In Sn (Kr)4d 5s 5p (Kr)4d 5s 5p 10 21 81 Hg N 2 2 2 1s22s22p3 Si VIA 8 1s 2s 2p 14 AI VA 7 Tl 10 22 82 Pb 14 14 106s26p2 102 1 5d(Xe)4f (Xe)4f 5d 6s 6p 113 114 10 23 51 Sb 1o 23 (Kr)4d ° 5s 5p 83 Bi 10 24 52 Te 10 24 (Kr)4d 5s 5p 84 Po I 14 14 16s026p 4| 1 2 3 5d(Xe)4f (Xe)4f 5d 06s 6p 115 116 14 R>5 4 14 (Rn)5f 1 o f14 o 102 6d(R 10 027 P3 6d(Rn)5f 17s027p 4 7s 2 7p2 6d 17s (Rn)5f 6d 7s 7p Fig.

Dougan. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory - A. Ghiorso, J. M. Nitschke, G. T. Seaborg, R. J. Otto, D. J. Morrissey, P. A. Baisden, and D. Lee. 37 nuclei, smaller cross sections would be expected. The excitation energy of the compound nucleus 296 116 is greater than that of 2 5 6 No partially because, compared to doubly magic 2 0 °Pb, the 248 Cm target nuclei are deformed. As a result, Q values of the reactions decrease from -155 to -171 MeV (7) while the Coulomb barriers increase from 178 to 203 MeV ( C M .

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