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One made such a stamp by pressing and rolling a seal into moist clay. To manufacture the miniature scenes and/or messages on cylinder seals, the seal-cutters used chisels, knife blades, hand-turned metal drills, and other small tools. Those scenes often illustrated episodes from wellknown myths or events from everyday life, such as people worshipping the gods, dancing, feasting, riding in boats, or planting crops. The most universal theme, Lloyd explains, “is conflict—usually between lions and the mythical protectors of flocks and herds, which they have attacked.

Women’s Rights, Duties, and Jobs The specific array of foods an individual family regularly ate depended on what was available seasonally, what sorts of foods the father or other head of household could afford, and to some degree what he personally preferred. This WORDS IN CONTEXT was because most Mesopotamian famiabum lies were patriarchal, or run by the father The word for “father” in (abum in Akkadian). Also, by law, when ancient Akkadian. the father died the house and other family property passed from him to his son (marum) or sons.

People also viewed Enki/Ea as a deity who dispensed wisdom and protected craft workers. In addition to these and about a dozen other major gods, the residents of Mesopotamia recognized numerous minor deities and supernatural 60 In Their Own Words Balasi’s Report to the King One of the many religious rituals practiced by ancient Mesopotamian priests was divination, predicting future events by studying natural phenomena such as the organs and behavior of animals. A surviving Assyrian text contains a description of a real example of divination in the palace of King Esarhaddon, who ruled between 680 and 669 BC.

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