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Bruno Latour has written a distinct and beautiful story of a technological dream long past mistaken. because the younger engineer and professor keep on with Aramis' trail--conducting interviews, interpreting files, assessing the evidence--perspectives maintain transferring: in fact printed as multilayered, unascertainable, comprising an array of probabilities precious of Rashomon. The reader is finally resulted in see the undertaking from the perspective of Aramis, and alongside the way in which profits perception into the connection among humans and their technological creations. This captivating and profound booklet, half novel and half sociological research, is Latour at his thought-provoking most sensible.

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So we produced an overal l highway management plan. Okay, we said, no point i n France should be more than two hours away from any other point. Whatever means of transportation is used. Rai lways, iron on iro n , you know, it's not that great. As soon as you go fast, you lose your contact. In fifty years there won't be any more trains. We needed something in the range of 300, 400 kilometers an hour. "Bertin came to see us. 'The future is in the air cushion . ' Yes, the aerotrain­ that was us. We built a l i ne in Orleans.

A gulf opens up between the world of signs and the world of things. The R-3 1 2 is no longer a novel that carries me away in transports of delig ht; it's a bus that transports me away from the boulevard Saint­ Michel. The observer of technologies has to be very careful not to differen­ tiate too hastily between signs and thi ngs, between projects and objects, between fiction and reality, between a novel a bout feelings and what is i nscri bed in the nature of things. In fact, the engineers the observer is studying pass progressively from one of these sets to another.

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