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Polit. Sci. Rev. 79:738–54 Strom K. 1988. Contending models of cabinet stability. Am. Polit. Sci. Rev. 82:923–30 Taylor M, Herman V. 1971. Party systems and government stability. Am. Polit. Sci. Rev. 65: 28–37 Warwick P. 1979. The durability of coalition governments in parliamentary democracies. Comp. Polit. Stud. 11:465–98 Warwick P. 1992a. Rising hazards: an under- lying dynamic in parliamentary government. Am. J. Polit. Sci. 36:857–76 Warwick P. 1992b. Economic trends and government survival in West European parliamentary democracies.

Conducting systematic empirical research on this matter will require a very carefully thought-through research design—involving not least an operational definition of an unanticipated shock and a control group strategy that will allow valid inferences about cause and effect. It will also require the collection of a completely new dataset from primary sources with information on shocks and renegotiations as well as terminations, a dataset for which the fundamental unit of analysis is not immediately obvious.

Contending models of cabinet stability: a rejoinder. Am. Polit. Sci. Rev. 82:930–41 Browne EC, Gleiber D, Mashoba C. 1984b. Evaluating conflict of interest theory: Western European cabinet coalitions. Br. J. Polit. Sci. 14:1–32 Cioffi-Revilla C. 1984. The political reliability of Italian governments: an exponential survival model. Am. Polit. Sci. Rev. 78:318– 37 Diermeier D, Merlo A. 2000. Government turnover in parliamentary democracies. J. Econ. Theory 94:46–79 Diermeier D, Stevenson R. 1999.

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