New PDF release: Angiography of the Upper Extremity

By Blagoja K. Janevski

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Over the previous few a long time, angiography has devel­ cautious research of his angiographic findings and a oped drastically and an in depth literature has very thorough description of vascular anatomy been released at the topic. within the previous couple of and its many versions. The large scientific ma­ years, the variety of guides has reduced terial additionally permits him to point these circum­ as the purposes of this diagnostic technique stances within which angiography could make an impor­ appear to have been nearly absolutely explored. tant contribution to prognosis. one of many purposes for which this assertion This monograph merits the eye of all who will not be real is angiography of the higher ex­ have an interest within the anatomy and pathology of the tremity. The medical curiosity for this box has nev­ arm and the hand, and is especially meant for er been as nice as for different components of the physique. radiodiagnosticians and surgeons. In Maastricht, Janevski used to be in a position to acquire an A. E. VAN VOORTHUISEN, M.D.

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Often present in the affected extremity. These symptoms are usually associated with pain, but occasionally they can occur independently. Physical examination during an attack reveals decreased arterial pulses in the affected limb in comparison with those in the opposite limb. 4 Roentgenographic Manifestations of Arterial Spasm, Our Experience On the basis of the angiographic pattern arterial VASCULAR TONUS AND PHARMACOANGIOGRAPHY spasm can be divided into two groupS: diffuse and local arterial spasm.

There is a direct stimulation of the vascular smooth muscles causing vasoconstriction and at the same time there is a contrary alpha-adrenergic blocking effect which tends to cause vasodilatation. When ergotamine is prescribed in therapeutic dosages, the vasoconstrictor effect predominates (Imre, 1973). Methysergide is an ergot derivative, but has only a slight vasoconstrictor and oxytoxic effect. It is a most effective agent for the prophylaxis of migraine and other vascular headaches, but is not effective when given during acute attacks.

ADAMS and H. L. ABRAMS: Complications of Angiography. Radiology, 138: 273-281, 1981. : Angiography of the Upper Extremity in 'Pain in shoulder and Arm', edited by Greep et al. Martin us NijhofJ, The Hague, Boston, London, 3: 24-48, 1979. , H. DANIELSON and R. E. FLYNN: Iatrogenic Arteriovenous Fistula After Retrograde Brachial Arteriogram. Bull. Los Angeles Neurolog. , 36: 126-130, 1971. LANG, E. : A survey of complications of percutaneous retrograde arteriography. Radiology, 81: 257-000, 1963.

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