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In the example below, we use the 6th string as the starting point. If you want to be more accurate, you can use a reference source, such as a piano, to tune the 6th string before you begin. When tuning, if you are uncertain about the pitch of a note, you can deliberately tune the string too sharp (high) or too flat (low) and then review the pitch later. It is usually best to tune the string too flat and then retune to increase the pitch. 4 Place your index finger on the 5th string, just behind the fifth fret.

The value of all the notes and rests in a bar must add up to the total number of beats specified by the time signature. To playa rest on a guitar, you need to stop the strings from vibrating to silence your guitar. To stop the strings from vibrating, you should mute, or damp, the strings. To mute strings, lay your fingers across all six strings on the neck of your guitar. Moments of silence, as well as sound, are an important part of music. In fact, many people consider the combination of notes and silences to be what makes music interesting.

To tune the guitar to itself, you select a string that is in 1 2 32 Place your index finger on the 6th string, just behind the fifth fret. Pick the string. Pick the 5th string without holding down the string. • Allow both strings to play at the same time. The pitches should match. 3 If the pitches do not match, use the tuning machine for the 5th string to adjust the pitch. tune and then tune each of the other strings relative to that string. In the example below, we use the 6th string as the starting point.

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