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By Dmitri Birman, Antonina W. Bouis, Bela Shayevich

ISBN-10: 1936274353

ISBN-13: 9781936274352

ISBN-10: 1936274361

ISBN-13: 9781936274369

Alphabet of mask is a set of brief tales and poems written on a cellular phone. it's an ingenious foray into the modern day Russian adventure. Dmitri Birman exhibits us how present day Russians straddle their Soviet previous and their capitalist destiny on the way to continue to exist. The tales are wry, funny, and sexually frank; the poems lyrical and elegiac in regards to the narrator and his buddies. The anti-Semitic fact of college bullies and military conscription, the adolescent craving for classmates and instructing assistants, the Soviet dream of worldwide go back and forth and comfort consumption—all are a part of the publication, whereas the poetry resonates as adaptations on a subject. Dmitri Birman turned a brand new Russian businessman after Communism fell. A prize-winning poet, he's a member of the Russian PEN.

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Beneath the photograph of the young woman with long, thick hair, it is written: ―Verochka, if you hear weeping, that‘s me. ‖ Some people visit their relatives as if they were alive, happy to be there and promising to come back soon. I see a good sorrow and forgiveness in their eyes. I believe that there is a place in our lives that levels, pacifies, unites, and forgives us all. I look up, the rain mixing with my tears, and it seems that I hear voices telling me that they are waiting for me, but that there is no need to hurry, because they are there forever.

Within a minute a pink-cheeked gentlemen of indeterminate age, with narrow slits in place of eyes, hauled his estimable bulk into the reception room. The lilac receptionist jumped up and chirped, ―The car‘s here, and the driver just came in. ‖ In the end, we managed to hold the wedding at the restaurant. Pop took care of it. 52 Alphabet of Masks I crossed over the boundary of misfortune And I can verify the sun shines differently When everyone around is simply healthy When dogs of petty arguments stop barking When there‘s no weeping echoing through the air.

She was young and flexible again, every cell pulsing, melting in the rhythms of the hot melody. At the climax, Kostya picked her up under her arms and started spinning. She straightened her legs and tensed. The audience held its breath. Dima turned white. Vadim Nikolayevich, overcome by emotion, jumped from his chair. Kostya turned his head for a fraction of a second in response to the abrupt motion, and stumbled… Coco did not notice the whirl of Christmas lights turning into sudden blackness. When Vadim Nikolayevich picked up Coco‘s things at the ICU, he dropped her purse.

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