Advances in Speech Signal Processing by Furui S., Sandhi M.M. (eds.) PDF

By Furui S., Sandhi M.M. (eds.)

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1)'·+Κ2η+1)! Α{2(αδ)*[(α+6)«+2/«]-1} Κα6)-*θΜ[(2αδ)-Ηα'+6'+Λ ] 11. )r 412 x-^I,iax)K,iax), ΛΓ= W^^iu)Ti^-^) 0<ν<^ [ Τ ( Η 2 « ' ) Τ' v>-l 413 x-i'I,,ibx)K,iax), N= ^^Ψα—hiTil+v) 2-"-ΜΓ(Η'')(2//α)' . 2/Κι[(2α2/)*]ί:ι[(2αί/)»: 432 Ko{ax^) N=2a-^ Ir'CCidayy) sin(iay2/) -si(iayy) cosdayy): 11. )i2 440 Χ2„[δ(α«+Χ«)»], n=l,2,3,...

Modified Beseel Functions 2Nfix) 393 59 Ngiy) icosx)~™Jmia cosx), χ<π/2 0, x>ir/2 a7Γ a m • Σ i n [ ( m + n ) ! ),1+ν;-ν):ι Ηο(2α cosh^y) — Fo(2o cosh^y) 11. Modified B e s s e l F u n c t i o n s 2Ay(x) 399 e-^/o(ax), b>a iV=(ft«-a«)-i Ngiy) 2-i[(6«-a«-2/«)«+46V]-* • {[(i''-a«-y«)«+4&y]i+6«-a«-2/«}i 60 Table I: Even Functions 2Nf{x) Ngiy) kria'+y^-i 400 Koiax) N=hra-' 401 x^'Koiax), n= 0,1,2,...

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Advances in Speech Signal Processing by Furui S., Sandhi M.M. (eds.)

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