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There are some regions of the spectrum where the GPC controller is actually causing amplification. This results from the fact that the cost function was designed to minimize the overall system output for a random disturbance with the control effort in mind. Minimizing the plant output does not necessarily imply that the closed-loop response will be reduced for all frequencies. It does, however, mean that the variance of the error sensor will be minimized. 01. The horizon length was chosen to have a sufficient number of time steps beyond the system order (12th order) and the control weight, λ, was adjusted to yield a stable closed-loop system.

However, there are cases where the disturbance signal does contain correlation at the output sensor but can not be measured before entering the plant. In this case one possible approach is to ID the system in the presence of the disturbance. By doing this, some of the disturbance characteristics will be incorporated into the plant model and therefore the controller based on this model will contain some information about the disturbance1. Assume that Eq. 18) represents the actual physical plant to be controlled.

5 KHz. The internal noise model was formed based on a 2nd order AR model obtained by performing a system ID on the disturbance signal. The resulting AR model and the past disturbance measurements were then used to predict the future disturbance values and incorporate the last term of Eq. 9). 3 shows the advantage gained by including the second to last term of Eq. 9) when possible. In this case, both band-limited white noise and a 800 Hz sine wave disturbance were applied to the plant through the speaker.

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