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You must try to look more like your sister," their mother said, nodding at Eleanor. " "Of course you can. There's nothing better for marriage than farewells. " Since their father was prone to travel and spent most of his time in foreign climes, it was true that the opportunities for marital strife were limited. "You needn't come with me," Eleanor said to Anne. " There was a moment of silence as her female relatives examined her. Eleanor raised a self-conscious hand to her hair. " "You're right, Mother," Anne said decisively.

He has little to do with it. " their mother intervened. "You've always been comfortingly sensible, Eleanor. " "What Eleanor means," Anne said, "is that she's agreed to stop hiding her beauty. " "No daughter of mine could be a frump," the duchess said. " Still, Eleanor could see that the idea was sinking into her mother's head. She picked up her lorgnette and frowned through it at her. "I wouldn't want you to dress like trollopy slattern. " "Certainly not," said Anne, who prided herself on wearing the most risque fashions in all London.

You simply must make an effort," her mother scolded, finally looking up from the head of the table. "Anne took me to task this morning for allowing you to look so passe, and she's right. You have shown so little interest in your appearance that I had lost heart for the battle. But now you are to be a duchess. " "I intend to," Eleanor said. "The problem is that I own very few gowns that are akin to what Anne is wearing this morning. " "The only thing that could make my jacket more modish would be tassels on the collar," Anne said, with a complete lack of modesty.

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