A Decade of Hubble Space Telescope Science (2003)(en)(270s) by Mario Livio, Keith Noll, Massimo Stiavelli PDF

By Mario Livio, Keith Noll, Massimo Stiavelli

ISBN-10: 051106229X

ISBN-13: 9780511062292

ISBN-10: 0521824591

ISBN-13: 9780521824590

Precis of the achievements of the Hubble house Telescope in its first decade of operation.

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FUV/EUV auroral spectra of the north aurora 36 J. T. Clarke: HST images of Jupiter’s UV aurora Figure 9. Polar projection of Jupiter showing the observed locations of auroral emissions from Io’s magnetic footprint. Overplotted are the 6 RJ auroral ovals from the earlier (O6) and modified (VIP4) magnetic field models, showing the improved fits to the footprint locations. Figure from Clarke et al. 1998. were obtained on the second HUT flight in March 1995 simultaneously with WFPC2 images (Morrissey et al.

Interpreting the highest frequency detected as an electron gyrofrequency implied a maximum field strength of 10 Gauss. Jupiter’s ionosphere was first detected by radio occultation during the Pioneer 10 flyby in 1974 (Kliore et al. 1974), and ground-based telescopic observations first detected the plasma torus in the mid 1970s (Brown & Yung 1976). It was during the Voyager 1 flyby in 1979 that Jupiter’s UV auroral were first observed (Broadfoot et al. 1979), and during this and the Voyager 2 encounter the long aperture of the UVS was used to map the equatorward extent of the UV auroral emissions.

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A Decade of Hubble Space Telescope Science (2003)(en)(270s) by Mario Livio, Keith Noll, Massimo Stiavelli

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