New PDF release: 500 Master Games of Chess

By Dr. S. Tartakower, J. du Mont

ISBN-10: 0486232085

ISBN-13: 9780486232089

Vast number of nice chess video games from 1798 via 1938, with a lot hard-to-find fabric. absolutely annotated, prepared by way of beginning for less complicated examine. one hundred fifty years of grasp play!

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B. K. to and checks. his B. square. 9. Q. to her R. fourth square. B. K. takes K. B. or (b) JV. 10. JV. Q. takes Q. , &c. (b) B. Q. B. P. one square. 10. W. Q. Kt. B. P. two squares, (c) K. takes K. B. 11. W. Q. (c) It versary's takes Q. , &c. would be much better to move the K. Kt. to adK. Kt. fourth square, and then third square. to adversary's K. 8 DAMIANO. THIRD GAME, i. IV. K. P. two squares. B. The same. 2. JV. K. Kt. to B. K. B. P. one square. its B. third square. 3. IV. K. Kt. takes K.

Its 13. W. Q. B B. Q. interposes, (a) to her B. fourth square. (a) It would save time if the K. Kt. P. were moved two squares, imtcad of interposing the Q. B. DAMIANO. 14. IV. B. Q. Kt. P. two squares. Q. to her B. third square. 15. K. B. to adversary's Q. Kt. fourth square. B. Q. to her K. Kt. third square. IV. 16. W. B. Q. takes Q. K. R. P. takes Q. 17. /r. B. Q. Kt. takes Q. B. , and checks. Loses Q. R. and the game. DAMIANO. SECOND GAME. JV. K. P. B. two squares. The same. 2. JV. K. Kt. to B.

C. almost needless to observe that he cannot take your Knight without losing his Queen. DAMIANO. 3() VARIATION of this last Beginning at the sixth move GAME, qftlie Black, I. B. W. K. P. two squares. K. P. one square. 2. B. W. Q. P. tux> squares. The same. S. B. K. P. one square. \V. Q. B. P. two squares. 4. B. W. Q. B. P. one square. Q. B. P. takes Q. P. 5. B. Q. B. P. W. Q. Kt. to taite* Q. fl. P. itsB. third square. 6. B. K. Kt. to its B. third square, or K. third square. its IV. K. B. to adversary's giving check.

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