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This can involve moving bedtime later in the evening or waking the child up earlier in the morning. The goal of this treatment is to make the child drowsy in order to decrease the likelihood of bedtime disturbances. It seems the child’s tiredness may make it easier for the child to practice falling asleep without parents present. Intervention Selection Before you select an approach, it is important to identify reasons why you might have a hard time using one of these interventions. Your therapist will raise the following issues and help you decide how they might impact the sleep plan for your child.

It seems the child’s tiredness may make it easier for the child to practice falling back to sleep without parents present. Scheduled Awakening Scheduled awakening involves waking the child some period of time just prior to the time she usually awakens. The goal of this intervention is to have the child fall back asleep from this brief awakening without parental involvement. Why it works is unclear, but it may involve “reprogramming” the sleep cycle to a more regular sleepwake schedule. It may also give the child experience in falling asleep alone while drowsy.

Repeat this plan each night until the child goes for a full  nights without a waking. If the child has achieved this level of success, skip one night (that is, no scheduled waking) during the next week. If the child has awakenings, go back to awakening the child every night. Slowly reduce the number of nights with scheduled awakenings until the child is no longer waking during the night. Common Obstacles You will need to watch out for obstacles to successful bedtime intervention. , asking to sleep in parent’s bed) ■ Guilt over the child’s distress—especially when using graduated extinction If any of these occur, go back to following the planned steps.

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