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A bag tack for grocery stores that will open the bag and · make it ready to receive its contents as it is taken from the rack. 415. A kitchen table and ironing board combined would be a winner if it were not too complicated. 416. A non-rattling window screen and also a screen that can be adjusted in two dimensions so that it can be made to fit any window. 417. Men are constantly losing the buttons on their shirt collars and this is rather embarrassing when it happens during the day at the office.

A substitute for wooden paving bricks that will tend to produce more noiseless streets. 266. Rapid advertising transfers for glass that can be applied without danger of mishap. 282. A cheap chemical preparation that will absolutely remove the scale from a boiler and prevent its formation. 267. A rapid fire non-exploding gun built on the centrifugal 283. A way of mounting diamonds in gold so that there will be no danger of the diamond cutting the metal and becoming loose. principle. 268. An automatic deodorant for toilets that really neutralizes odors instead of super-imposing one scent over another.

Process for making silver untarnishable. 321. A non-freezing railroad switch that cannot be made inoperative by clogged snow. 322. A safety razor with a blade guard so designed as to permit shaving in close quarters as in trimming mustaches. 323. -Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C. 324. A method of producing simple and less expensive stencils for addressing machines used in large offices. 325. A new process for enameling electric wire. Something that will be less expensive and more rapidin operation will give this kind of wire a good sales impetus..

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