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By Harry Golombek

1930 Scarborough foreign event : B.C.M. Quarterly No. 6 British Chess journal.

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Matters he coulC do nothing eventually cnecuntcr. ast with this stilrinS and so fell Marocz;r could make no he3dway whatsoever against Miss Menchi-lt sone time Rubinstein looked. For hal-f a point furthei'behind i::r the in the end he too was bafflrd have ar, advantage againet Grinfeldrbut of the Austriarit s defence. Sergeart had rather a rlu11 Craw in whieh vfuat aJvantage there was res+"eC with 81 ack. BxRP+ conbin;rt:-on, i,Jinter had the misfor+-une tc succunb to the well-tnown brick-v'all Yatc: could h:d wa,s sound enough and thoug!

Ttoplay genuine fervour but could. make no impression on Yatesrs sterlr-ng defelce. at nysterious. :,;i#t *4U- C A | { EN " 6 1 - Uhite:- 18 1! 2() 21 22 2J 24 25 26 27 28 2! 1 K_R1 tsxe Dra'nn'r Dra'nn G A N E] 1 "6 2 - l l h i t e : - B-45+ axa IG-Q1 BxB P,45 BxKt' RAt R-081 wa2 P-Kr1 KRxP RxR KtllP PxKt Kt xB KR_41 K*R1 QxQ R_Q4 0R-41 R-A6 RxR t-8 RPxO L9 Kt-B2 20 Kt-KJ n_ 0R-41 B-€iit5 tt-uo Pxlit Drawn AxP - 45- G A M EU " 6 3 cAl,lE'li" e4 - Iihite:- 40 R-KR1 Drawn E. Yet;-s Q. ldaroczy French Defence P_KZ B B-AJ !

Iiht. te : - E,,rlrinf e', d liLntl:- J'iten I:ttn ) . G . , D . S L a " ;D e f e n c e r- l\ u1+ R-Its4 1 / +v - " R : . rt ) K-r,-K2 KtxB r-aR j Ii-aKt, P-lit J R-Kt2 PxF c2 B-KA K+,-R. < B-r,i5 I B-42 ! , r{t-36 K,t-K? J-Q4 F-l';t ! (a B-IIB 6b B-Rt) aR-41 ki-r! IixR 62 R-a6 'r'-xt1 53 26 R-AB1 n a-I

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