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One of the best gamers of all time, Alexander Alekhine (1892–1946) used to be international chess champion for over sixteen years. not just a preferrred grasp of the complex place, he used to be additionally a very good annotator. during this quantity he provides a lot info and perception approximately greater than a hundred video games performed among 1939 and 1945, in addition to delightfully candid perspectives on fellow masters and opponents for the realm title.
In half One, dedicated to open video games, Alekhine analyzes video games that includes such openings because the Ruy Lopez, 4 Knights online game, Philidor's security, and the Scotch Gambit. half is dedicated to semi-open video games, that includes the French safety, Caro-Kann security, Sicilian safety, Alekhine's security, and King's Pawn, Nimzowitsch security. partially 3 Alekhine discusses examples of closed video games, together with the Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox safeguard; Queen's Gambit Declined, Slav safety; Queens' Gambit authorized; Queen's Pawn, Nimzowitsch protection; the Queen's Pawn video game, English starting, Catalan method; and more.
This e-book enables you to become aware of the stratagems and methods fascinated with a bunch of attention-grabbing struggles among the world's maximum chess avid gamers: Alekhine, Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Kashdan, Reshevsky, Tartakower, Keres, Najdor, and diverse others. With attribute thoroughness, readability, and humor, Alekhine publications you thru the intricacies of every contest, illuminating advanced positions and delivering an international champion's certain perception and commentary.
Whatever your point of chess services, you are going to take pleasure in and reap the benefits of learning those video games, offered and analyzed by way of one of many preferrred strategists in chess history.

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Page 38 33 Ne4! A correct pawn sacrifice w h i c h p e r m i t s t h e decisive i n v a s i o n of t h e enemy fortress by the White a r m y . 33 . . Bd5 Or 33 • . Rxc2 34 Rd8 with the inevitable threat of 35 Nf6. Game 19 Ruy Lopez 34 Nf6 35 Ra1 ! Rxe2 40 Kf6? The key to the offensive stratagem which forces t h e entry of the White rook to the eighth r a n k . White is anxious to play a ' b r i l l iant' move and scorns the easy w i n n i n g I ine w h i c h was 40 e 6 ! fxe6 41 ReS ( o r 41 R d S ) .

Be7 The o n l y temporary salvation. 23 25 f5 a4 Rh7 The rapid advance 3 1 . . f4 w o u l d also b e conclusive. 32 Ra3 Be4 33 Raa1 f4 34 Kh3 fxg3 35 White resigns Game 2 1 Three Knights Game e4 e5 11 Ned7+ Oxd7 2 Nf3 Nc6 12 Nxd7+ Ke8 3 Nc3 Bb4 13 Rxd1 Rd8 4 Nd5 BaS [I n a game probably unknown to A l e k h i n e (J. Corzo·Capablanca, Havana 1 90 9 ) Black played 13 . . Kxd7 1 4 Bxf7 Raf8 1 5 B h 5 Bb6 and drew after many vicissitudes. W. J 4 . . Nf6 is better. d6 5 Bc4 6 0·0 Nge7 7 d4 B94 8 dxe5 Nxe5 A very typical mistake, well p u nished by White as w i l l be seen.

28 • • • d4 After the moves 28 • . Nf5 29 Bxd5 N g 3 + 30 h x g 3 Q h 6 + 3 1 K g l t h e W h i t e k i ng would h a v e escaped to e 2 . 2 9 Qxf4 T h i s sacrificial combination d e ­ manded preCise calculation i n t h e f o l l o w i n g variations: (a) 29 . . Nc4 30 Bxc4 ( a l lowing Black to obta i n t w o s t r o n g passed pawns) bxc4 31 Qe5! Rg8 32 b5 ! Qb7 33 Qc5+ Kg7 34 Qg5+ Kf8 35 Qh6+ Rg7 36 Qa6 ! Qxa6 37 bxa6 Rg8 38 a7 Kg7 39 Rebl !. fol l owed by 40 R b 8 . Page 2 7 Game 14 Ruy Lopez ( b ) 29 .

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